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Alex Teller is the CEO of Home Perfect, an ecommerce retailer that has been selling luxury kitchen & bath fixtures online since 2008. Alex started using Magento over 10 years ago, after transitioning from a SaaS platform, and was even at the very first Magento Imagine Conference in Los Angeles way back in 2011!

A Native New Yorker with a passion for technology and entrepreneurship, when not in front of a computer, he collects vintage comic books and likes to go to the beach.

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Credit is Given Where Credit is Due Running a 250,000 SKU Catalog on Magento

Magento’s life as an ecommerce solution has been a roller coaster of a ride, to say the least, and I’m more excited about the future of the platform than ever. As a merchant with a large 200,000 SKU database, selling 200 different brands and dozens of different product types and categories, the flexibility Magento has provided me while powering my business, now for over a decade, is unrivaled and unmatched.

Magento can certainly be, at times, a complex solution (to put it lightly), yet that ability to build and design to scale as far as the imagination can take us, is, I believe, the reason I’m still in business. Selling home fixtures online as the Amazons and Home Depots of the world have become four hundred pound gorillas is an unforgiving and never ending battle. From complex integrations with Google Merchant Center, to real time multi store inventory and b2b features to explore – I’m just as busy as ever tinkering and discovering.

A lot has changed since we started Home Perfect, and technology has improved the way we maintain our catalog management, control our marketing budgets, and service our customers. But as the requirements to stand out continue to transform, I’ve never once said to myself: I can’t do that. And for that reason, I’d like to give Magento and its community the credit it’s due. I’m excited to finally, after many years away, see the latest and greatest we all continue to bring to the table here at Meet Magento. I urge the community to continue to innovate and push farther, because as the landscape of ecommerce has changed much over the last decade, retailers like myself are still here.

Alex Teller

Home Perfect