Marion Freijsen

Strategic Business Advisor, Commerce Strategy EMEA



Marion Freijsen is a long-term technology professional. Her role prior to joining Adobe as a Strategic Business Advisor running the Commerce Strategy team, was as COO of the largest Dutch ecommerce player in wine & coffee where she was responsible for transforming the company (organization and technology) and implementing an ecommerce platform across 16 labels in six different countries. She has over 15 years of C-level experience at public and non-public companies and has worked in technology for 25+ years. Marion is a published author with the release of The N-Factor: How Networking Can Change the Dynamics of Your Business in 2007 and her second book, The EFactor: Entrepreneurship in the Social Media Age, was released in November 2012. She is a frequent speaker and presenter and in her spare time, an active sports enthusiast!

All about the talk

Composable Commerce and its impact on your organization

This session is about Composable Commerce – a marketing buzzword in the rapidly evolving Ecommerce space.

This talk will cover 4 key topics :

  • Where does Composable Commerce stem from?
  • What you already might have that is “composable”
  • How this set-up may help your organization’s ecommerce
  • How a flexible approach can help you speed up innovation.

At the end of the presentation, the audience will have a clear understanding of what the term Composable Commerce is and what it is not, and what the key elements are that make up this approach. And finally – how it can have a positive impact on their organizations and eCommerce goals.

Marion Freijsen