Meet Magento New York - Coming October 10, 2024

Internationally renowned program in the heart of New York City.

The iconic Meet Magento event is back this October and better than ever! This will be a strong platform to connect with the retailers, brands, service providers, technology enthusiasts, partners, developers and other ecommerce influencers sharing knowledge and best practices around the Magento platform.







2023 Speakers

This is the caliber of ecommerce influencers and experts you can expect will be sharing their insights and experience at Meet Magento NYC this year.

Applications to speak at Meet Magento New York 2024 are open now!

Parul Sinha
Parul Sinha
Senior Software Engineer, Adobe
Tiffany Yarde
Tiffany Yarde
Principal, HR x Operations, Lim Media
Sharon McLaughlin
Sharon McLaughlin
Founder, Sharon McLaughlin MD FACS
David Lambauer
David Lambauer
CEO, run_as_root GmbH

Speak at MM24NYC


Meet Magento NYC offers an unparalleled learning opportunity, with sessions on solutions, business, and technical topics selected by an independent committee. There is no fee to submit speaker applications, no pay to speak spots on the business and technical tracks, and no payments for speakers. Our sessions this year will be selected strictly because they cover the hottest and most insightful topics and we are excited to share the incredible agenda we have planned with the Magento community. Come learn from the best and brightest in ecommerce!


Learn from the most experienced technical leaders on Magento advancements


Innovative and inspiring sessions from successful Magento merchants


Access actionable insights that will help you scale your ecommerce business


Sponsor MM24NYC

2023 Sponsors

These events are not possible without the support of our community. Join us once again, for an aggressive focus on reinventing ecommerce.

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  • Above the Fray
  • Adobe
  • PayPal
  • Bold
  • Vertex
  • ChannelEngine
  • Scandiweb
  • M2E
  • ShipperHQ
  • Obsess
  • JustAfterMidnight
  • Zero-1 Ecommerce
  • Feedonomics
  • Atwix
  • Nexcess
  • Dotdigital
  • AxL
  • Shipstation
  • Creatuity
  • Hyva
  • Avalara
  • MageOS
  • iPaas
  • Krish
  • Safe Fleet
  • Evrig


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Meet Magento New York Highlights 01
Meet Magento Highlights from 2022


Meet Magento New York Highlights 01
Meet Magento New York Highlights


Meet Magento New York Highlights 01
Opening Remarks - Welcome to Meet Magento NYC 2022 with Marsha Naidoo


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